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About Us

HERBEGY PVT. LTD. was born in 2021 when we aim to develop herbal products with the pure essence of herbs. It started with a thought to deliver the people an effective form of wellness and the power of natural herbs so everyone can apply them in real life. The company serves chemical-free herbal products to make lives better and beautiful.

During the process of manufacturing our herbal natural products, we ensure the quality with safety tests and meet all safety standards that our customers expect from us. Our blend of safety standards and the power of herbs makes our organic herbal products best for the people who love our mother nature. Our connection with mother nature makes us special for our customers and we never compromise with the trust of our customers while producing herbal natural products for them.

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What efforts are we making to achieve our aim?

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Our aim is to build a brand of high-quality herbal extract products with an add-on to our customer’s trust in us. We are here with our commitment that we will make sure that our customers know about the herbs in our products before using them. This means when you go with the HERBEGY product then you will get the knowledge about the herbs to justify what is right for you. We can make people feel the beauty of nature so that they can come to a step closer to the earth and stay happy.

We want to take care of the human body system with our quality products to keep the disease away from our people and to keep them healthy & happy.


Future Goals

There is a saying on which we have strong believe:

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” —Albert Einstein

With the true inspiration of this saying, we aim to look deep into nature and feel the pure essence of the herbs and the same we want for our people so that they can feel it and understand it better. Our herbal products are manufactured with quality tested herbs to ensure that our people get the best. We aim to make a brand that is loved by everyone in terms of quality, purity, and service.

So, be a part of mother nature and get the best results from our herbal natural products which are designed to take care of your health, wellness, skin, hair, and body immunity system. Let stay healthy, use healthy, and feel healthy with HERBEGY organic herbal products.

Our Team Members

Kuldeep Kadyan Product Manager

Kuldeep Kadayn

(Product Manager)

 Marketing Lead Manager

Ravi Kant

(Marketing Head)

Rajesh Mehla CTO

Rajesh Mehla

(Chief Technology Officer )